Tania Martin

Tania, a multifaceted artist originally from Perth, Western Australia, has a rich history in the performing arts. A skilled dancer, actress, and singer, she pursued classical voice training but found her passion in musical theatre and television, leading to prominent roles in various productions and TV shows like 'Home and Away' and 'Neighbours'. After moving to Hong Kong, Tania continued to enchant audiences with her performances at exclusive venues while also dabbling in producing and casting. Her artistic journey came full circle with the creation and performance of her original musical 'She' in Perth and her residency at Crown Casino Perth.

She particularly loves to collaborate with other like-minded creative artists and is very excited about the current project of fusion of MIROSONIC’S dance instrumentation for cat-walks and high fashion. The collaboration continues to successfully create new, artistic, bespoke and futuristic projects of unusual content and genre.

Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Tania has had a diverse career performing and producing musical works across mediums throughout Australia and overseas for decades. Having studied dance and acting from a young age, Tania’s first professional television job was at eleven years of age, performing with Channel 9 as a regular guest artist on 'Perth’s Young Entertainers' and then on Channel 7’s popular children’s series 'Fat Cat’s Funtime Show'.

Tania was approached by Mirosonic to collaborate on an existing dance track instrumental piece called CATWALK !!!. She was drawn to the expansiveness of the piece and the theatrical feel. Tania then invited her daughter Freya, to co-write and Freya came up with a vocal melody that weaves through the throughout the dance instrumentation, whilst Tania focused on lyrics that evoke a trance, hypnotic state inspired by the Phantom and Christine’s co-dependant pull.

From Freya’s enigmatic vocals evoke an unearthly quality that lies between droid and a human cry.

Age twelve, marked her first professional theatre job in the musical, 'South Pacific' at His Majesty’s Theatre with The Western Australian Theatre Company. She studied classical voice at The Western Australian Conservatorium of Music as well as private tutelage in pursuit of a career in opera - however, offers of fabulous roles in Musical Theatre took her in a different direction which encompassed her passion for dance, acting and singing leading to many principal roles in Western Australia and touring shows across the country

Her move to the east coast of the country landed her the 'edgy' role of Tracey Turner in the iconic Australian TV series ‘Home and Away’ and further roles in 'Neighbours', 'Rafferty’s Rules', 'Paradise Beach' and Miss Harris in 'The New Adventures of Skippy' filmed on The Gold Coast and at Warner Bros., Queensland, Australia.
She co-hosted the video release of ‘Fat Cat’s Storytime’ for Channel 7, Amazon America, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Working as a Radio and TV Voice-Over Artist has been a constant medium for Tania. She was the resident promotional voice for radio stations 96FM, 94.5FM, 92.9 FM, B105FM (Queensland) and Channel 7 Studios. She continues to also record in her home studio for companies in The United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Australia. She made the move to Hong Kong for eleven years with her partner and whilst raising two young children, she continued to sing for exclusive venues such as The Auberge Hotel in Discovery Bay, the exclusive Hong Kong Jockey Club, Orange Peel Music Lounge as well as producing shows for Hong Kong Resort and casting for 'Le Vie' in Singapore’s Sentosa Resort.

She was delighted to be invited to perform with The Hong Kong City Chamber Orchestra and The Australian Consulate in Hong Kong. She did, however, leave her 'voice' in Hong Kong as it can still be heard most nights, echoing over Kowloon Harbour for the Guinness Book of records, 'Hong Kong Symphony of Lights', Laser Light Show.Her love of producing and writing has seen her perform a run of her one-woman show 'Cabaret Sauvignon', which was sold out at the famous FRINGE CLUB in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong.

Upon returning to Perth, the premier of her original musical - 'She' - was performed with a cast of five and a musical ensemble for the Perth Fringe Festival. Tania’s most recent public performances were at Crown Casino Perth where she held a residency for the past 5 years. She currently continues her passion for song-writing and story telling - both lyrics and music and has released some of her songs on Spotify and iTunes.

Freya Betts

Freya Olive Cerise Betts is an Australian singer songwriter. Raised in Hong Kong and attended international school until the age of 9, now living back in her hometown of Perth, Australia. In a family of visual artists and musicians, Freya has always felt a natural passion towards singing and songwriting. She wrote her first song at age 10 about her pet rabbit who died from a virus, and has been writing ever since with either guitar or piano. She looks forward to releasing an EP or album of her collection in the near future.

Freya Usually writes in an indie pop style but enjoys collaborating with different artists. First collaboration with techno artist, Mirosonic to which she thoroughly enjoyed writing the vocal melody to Mirosonic’s original instrumental track CATWALK !!!

Myroslav Gutej

Way back in late-1992 techno music bombarded him from a passing car as Myroslav stood on the corner of William Street and Roe Street at the bottom of Perth’s Horseshoe Bridge on a Friday afternoon as he waited at a red light. He didn’t yet know it, but the light was about to turn green on his electronic dance music journey.

When I heard the sound, I was ecstatic, Myroslav recalls. I asked the guy next to me what kind of music it was, and he told me that’s what they were playing at clubs. I suddenly wanted to write that stuff. It was just immediate. And Mirosonic was born.

Work with Mirosonic

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Whether you're a singer, group or composer - if you like the vibe, we're your tribe!

Whether it's the drama and tension of a track like "Catwalk Trance" or the euphoric journey through space and time, collaborating with Mirosonic means stepping into a studio where the future of music is being written.

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